This Is Way Bigger Than Rush

March 2, 2009

The Democrats, along with those on the right who seem more worried about incurring the disdain of the wrongheaded left than of their fellow patriots, are feverishly promoting their Saul Alinsky-inspired scheme to demonize and divide their most effective political opponents.

What would be amusing, were matters not so gravely serious today, is the utter juvenile transparency in the liberals’ efforts to vilify Rush Limbaugh.

They’ve been doing it for 20 years, but this time, they’re better-organized and have a broader purpose. So those who haven’t had the courage to stand by him should understand that Rush is not the ultimate target here. We all are — those, that is, who oppose their Marxist agenda and Stalinist tactics.

Have you noticed their coordinated effort to label Rush the leader of the Republican Party? Do you think it’s accidental that James Carville so describes him? Do you think it’s just coincidental that Obama called Rush out personally and that the entire flock of mainstream media sheep followed suit? Is it just serendipitous that liberal Chris Matthews baits his guests nightly to castigate Rush? Is it fortuitous that Obama’s, er, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos demands his guests, such as Republican Rep. Eric Cantor, to either defend or denounce Rush?

But again, they’re not just after Rush. They want to destroy the Republican brand — as if they need any help doing that.

Rush is the target because he represents the real opposition. He’s the leading voice for those who are really standing up for America and its founding ideals. Too much of our opposition is nominal only. Too much of our opposition is unaware we’re in a war for the very survival of those precious principles.

While some Republican leaders have refused to join in the White House-orchestrated condemnation of Rush, a number of others haven’t been so bold, presumably preferring to retain their credentials in polite/elitist society or afraid to incur the left’s wrath. No, let Rush have that all by himself.

Memo to the feckless on the right: When Rush said he hopes Obama fails, his meaning was very clear. He believes the abundantly obvious truth that Obama is trying to restructure America in the image of the central planners and social nihilists: a radical growth in government and consequent reduction in the private sector and individual liberty, a radical relaxation in the war on terror and other national security imperatives, a radical push to diminish American sovereignty in favor of global entities on environmental matters and in deference to United Nations mandates on such distinctly internal matters as how parents raise their children, a radical empowerment of labor unions, a radical boost to the radical pro-abortion industry and death culture, a radical homosexual agenda, and, ultimately, the abject bankruptcy of America.

Rush wants Obama to fail in his unabashed efforts to permanently turn this center-right nation radically toward the left. He does not want America to fail. Rush is unabashedly rooting for America. And anyone with the slightest ability or moral clarity to make mental distinctions understands this.

Yet many have deliberately twisted Rush’s meaning to suggest that he wants America, under Obama’s presidency, to fail.

The dirty little secret is that many of the liberals making this specious argument are the very people who truly were rooting for America to fail when George W. Bush was president. They were rooting for us to lose the war in Iraq. Harry Reid declared the war lost, you may recall. And they were talking down the economy, even when it was humming.

These liberals are simply projecting their deplorable mindset onto Rush and other conservatives. Because they wanted America to fail under Bush, they just assume Rush and other conservatives want America to fail under Obama. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

So those of you on the right who are refusing to defend Rush by making this obvious distinction better wake up. The people on the left making this point are the same ones who slandered President Bush by saying he started the Iraq war for oil or that he intentionally delayed federal aid to New Orleans’ Katrina victims because a disproportionate number of them were African-Americans. Destructive, libelous rubbish!

It’s time for you sycophants to understand who is trying to stand up for the America we believe in and that your sycophancy only enables those whose agenda cannot succeed without silencing the effective opposition.

Remember: To liberals, this isn’t just about Rush — not even close. It’s about you, me and anyone else who loves and defends those things — the Constitution, family values, the unique American culture, etc. — that make America unique.

It’s time you represented the opposition, too, and directed your outrage at those who would use the full power of government to target individuals, whether they be Rush Limbaugh or Joe the Plumber.