Kerry Caught With Pants Down

October 29, 2004

You couldn’t be paying attention and be unaware of the Pentagon press conference on Fox News today in which Major Austin Pearson said that his team from the 3rd Infantry Division removed 250 tons of munitions and other material from Al-Qaqaa arms-storage facility after we routed Saddam in April 2003. Here’s the link to the Fox News story on the conference.

A few minutes ago a lady caller on Rush’s show said she was disgusted with John Kerry’s continuous attempt to micromanage our military, etc. And she said that Kerry has lately been doing to the military what he did to them when he returned from Vietnam. I posted on this last night in discussing Alan Colmes’ liberal logic, but there is no question that Kerry is necessarily indicting the military when he attacks the Bush administration over this missing weapons myth.

The point is that John Kerry displays a total disregard for the dignity of our troops when he is so willing to “throw them under the bus” to advance his political fortunes. The truth is that there is no story here, other than John Kerry’s exploitation of a non-story in collusion with the New York Times and his willingness to trash the military. Between now and Tuesday, since this story has fizzled in substance and indeed backfired on Kerry, it will be interesting to see how Kerry and the media play it. My guess is that they’ll engage in obfuscation, as they often do. They’ll try to nitpick the facts in an effort to further confuse the facts and thereby a) escape accountability for their egregious mischief concerning this story or b) continue to try to fool the gullible class on the matter, the overwhelming majority of whom will be voting for Kerry — but not because they like him. Nobody does.

Update: On the campaign trail today Kerry said:

The Bush administration was warned about the site by the U.N. weapons inspectors, but “our forces were never, ever given the order to secure that weapons dump.

Oh? If they weren’t given the order, Senator, then you might want to report Major Pearson for taking the initiative, without proper authority, to dispose of those weapons. So we see that at least for now Kerry is going to keep shooting his mouth off about this myth irresponsibly.