Fraternal Order of Police to Kerry: Halt the Misleading Statements

October 16, 2004

Chuck Canterbury, the President of the nation’s largest police labor organization, called on John Kerry to stop making misleading statements regarding his support from the law enforcement community. Remember Kerry boasting about the police supporting him? Well, Canterbury says his guys are behind Dubyah because he’s been with them. And about Kerry’s boast that the police are with him because he favored renewal of the assault weapons ban, Canterbury quipped that Kerry would oppose the death penalty for those who would use an assault weapon to kill cops. Canterbury added:

“Given the facts, I would greatly appreciate it if Senator Kerry would refrain from making similar whimsical assertions regarding his support from the law enforcement community,” Canterbury said. “The real majority of my fellow officers are standing behind President Bush, because he has been there for us.”

It’s counterintuitive that cops would ever support a Dem for president, but somehow they were hypnotized by the Clinton spell. Perhaps it was the 100,000 more cops thing. But at least things are back where they should be with the police behind President Bush. It’s also amusing that Canterbury took a shot at Kerry and Edwards for being absentee Senators, saying he was beginning to think there were only 98 people in that body.