Have You Noticed That Kerry is so Petty and Contrary

October 13, 2004

that he can’t ever concede that anything is going well in America under President Bush’s leadership. Surely the public instinctively knows that things are just not quite as bad as Kerry paints them. But to listen to him it sounds like we are in the end times on literally every issue, not just Iraq, but the economy, affirmative action, assault weapons ban, education, health care. You’d think we lived in the old Soviet Union.

Now Kerry plays the race card, saying President Bush didnt’ meet with the Black congressional caucus. Bush denies, says he has met with them. He didn’t answer the charge that he wouldn’t meet with the NAACP. He should have said it’s because they were setting him up. They’ve been overtly hostile to him. Why should he have to apologize for that? Would Kerry meet with them if they treated him like they do President Bush.

President Bush talks well about minorities owning homes saying more minority people own homes in America than ever before.

Now Schieffer brings up the God question. These libs just can’t help themselves.

Bush doesn’t run from the question. He says he prays a lot. He says he prays for strength, for the troops, for his family, etc. But he makes a great point that he respects every person’s right to worship as he or she sees fit. Great answer. Religion sustains him. He receives calmness in the storm of the presidency. He loves the fact that people pray for him and he can just feel it. He will never impose his religion on anyone else, but it sustains him. Boy this is a homerun too. He believes that God wants everyone to be free. Homerun now a grandslam. What a sincere, heartfelt answer. Kerry can’t possibly outdo him on that one.