Dem Hypocrisy

March 7, 2005

Here’s a New York Times story that illustrates, as clearly as anything I’ve seen in a while, just how insincere Democrats are when they chastise Republicans for their partisanship and insist that they are willing to work with Republicans. The story makes it painfully obvious that they simply will not stand for President Bush getting credit for things, especially for reforming their sacred sacrament, Social Security. What are Democrats upset about?

Well, it appears that Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman, though firmly against private accounts, has indicated a willingness to work with President Bush on Social Security. Note: The Democrats are characterizing his willingness to work with the president as an act of disloyalty to the party, just like his support of the war against Iraq. Now I certainly wouldn’t want to question their patriotism (I prefer it when they get defensive about that even when they’re not challenged on it), but this certainly makes it seem like their first allegiance is to their party. The article reads:

“I think he has betrayed his constituency and he is leaning way too far to the right,” said Marjorie Clark, a Web designer in New Haven and former supporter of Howard Dean’s presidential bid who met Wednesday with about 30 other former Dean supporters and discussed a statewide “Dump Joe” effort. Others are trying to recruit a primary opponent while passing out bumper stickers that read “Anybody But Joe.”

Here’s Lieberman’s response:

“There is a whole attitude out there, ‘Just say No!,’ ” he said. “In other words, ‘Let the president sink with this proposal. We are winning.’ But we are not winning because the victory here is to solve the Social Security problem.”

Good for him. Now, we just need to get him on board with private accounts. Maybe ole Zel Miller could take Senator Lieberman to the woodshed and bring him further along. But you have to admit, this is a good start.