Good for Schieffer asking Kerry Whether He was just going to do nothing on SS

October 13, 2004

And Kerry had the audacity to say that they fixed it once in the nineties, as if that wasn’t a bandaid and a putting off the long term problem. These libs won’t ever tackle entitlements, while masquerading as fiscal hawks. Here Kerry acts like it’s just a little adjustment, a minor tinkering that will solve the SS problem. It’s analogous to his view of the War on Terror as a “nuisance.” And he brings up Bush’s lost jobs again. Now please answer that this time Pres.

But President Bush did hit him on taxing SS benefits. Good. And Bush talks about his tax cuts and how the wealthy are still paying the lion’s share of the taxes. And he says his tax cuts spurred growth, after he inherited the stock market decline and the 9-11 attacks, which cost 1 million jobs. Now he answers the jobs questions, saying we’ve created 1.9 million jobs the last year plus. Great segment for the president, imho.