Specks and Planks

February 11, 2005

As we’ve noted before, Democrats are masters at “dishing it out,” but wholly foreign to the concept of “taking it.” The entire Democratic apparatus has been hounding, dogging and slandering President Bush for over four years and now that the GOP is fighting back they are crying foul. This news story reports that Senate Democrats have demanded that President Bush call off his GOP attack dogs against Senator Reid.

The letter to President Bush, signed by all Senate Democrats except Reid, said:

We urge you to keep your word about being a uniter and publicly halt these counterproductive attacks so that we are able to work together in a bipartisan manner and debate issues on the merits.

Senator Chuckie Schumer equated the GOP criticisms of Reid as “political knee-cappings.” I love the metaphor, but this is a crock. Just analyze Harry Reid’s attitude toward President Bush since he’s been elevated to chief Senate obstructionist. But to Dems the playing field is only level when they attack and Republicans roll over. It’s not happening anymore; nor do they have a monopoly on the media any longer. They just can’t stand it when people talk back to them.

I guess they consider conservative dissent akin to a teenager talking back to his parents. Yes, that’s it. But I don’t remember them ever adopting us. Let them boss somebody else’s kids around for a while. In the meantime, Harry, perhaps you and your colleagues can work on the plank in your own eye before complaining about the speck in ours.