Senator Reid, Democrats, Can Dish it Out But Can They Take It?

February 9, 2005

Senator Harry Reid seems mighty upset that the RNC has put out a pamphlet correctly depicting him and his colleagues as obstructionists. He apparently called on President Bush to make those RNC meanies stop it right now. The president reportedly told the bruised and fragile Reid, at a White House dinner, that he (Bush) was unaware of the pamphlet. Reid later said, essentially, that he didn’t believe Bush who he believes to control the RNC.

Reid, demonstrating his own collegiality, said:

I want the boys at the White House, the girls at the White House, the men and women at the White House, everyone to understand, I haven’t lost one wink of sleep over the attack yesterday,” Reid said.

“They’re not going to frighten me. You know, they call me an obstructionist — they’re destructionists.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad the RNC is fighting back. That’s the only way to deal with these people, who do not mean to cooperate and never have — at least not since President Bush has been in office.