Kerry Will Focus on the Senate? Oh No!

January 26, 2005

Reuters reports that in a recent interview John Kerry said he was “setting aside disappointment from his failed White House bid to resume his “great job” as a U.S. senator and to maintain his fight to expand health care for children.”

When I read that I shivered from violent flashbacks. Can you imagine what it will be like the next four years if John Kerry reprises his role as obnoxious leader of the party, only this time from his Senate perch? Can you imagine hearing his sanctimony every day on the news?

On the other hand, it could be amusing watching him and Hillary engaging in the inevitable cat-fights that will ensue should Kerry behave as though he doesn’t know his place vis-a-vis the Queen of Hope. Just in case anyway has any doubts about this, Kerry is toast in terms of presidential aspirations. But he apparently doesn’t realize it. Though I’m certainly no sadist, it could be fun to watch the process by which he finds out.