Ted Turner Compares Fox to Hitler

January 25, 2005

At a speech at the National Association for Television Programming Executives’ (NATPE) conference, Ted (Foot-in-Mouth) Turner took another shot at Fox News Network, “indirectly” comparing the network’s popularity to Hitler’s election to run Germany before WWII. According to Broadcasting and Cable:

On Fox News: While Fox may be the largest news network [and has overtaken Turner’s CNN], it’s not the best, Turner said. He followed up by pointing out that Adolph Hitler got the most votes when he was elected to run Germany prior to WWII. He said the network is the propaganda tool for the Bush Administration. “There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s certainly legal. But it does pose problems for our democracy. Particularly when the news is dumbed down,” leaving voters without critical information on politics and world events and overloaded with fluff,” he said.

Thank you Ted for watching out for our best interests. Greatly appreciated.