January 20, 2005

These people are just too much. They provide an ongoing, tragic comedy. I suppose by now you’ve heard that “researchers” have determined that the flawed presidential exit polls were a result of those mean Republicans refusing to respond to questions. It’s one thing for libs to deny their complicity in the matter. It’s altogether another — on an entirely baser level of deviousness — to blame it on their intended Republican victims. They are getting more Goebbelsesque every day. Just understand that the “researchers” were from the same firms responsible for the fraudulent surveys. If they manipulated the data to make Kerry appear ahead to discourage and thereby suppress Republican turnout in the first place, how can they be trusted to turn themselves in? Surely this has to be a joke. But, no, Scrappleface did not put out this report.

Look at this statement from the Washington Post:

The exit pollsters emphasized that the flaws did not produce a single incorrect projection of the winner in a state on election night. But “there were 26 states in which the estimates produced by the exit poll data overstated the vote for John Kerry . . . and there were four states in which the exit poll estimates overstated the vote for George W. Bush,” said Joe Lenski of Edison Media Research and Warren Mitofsky of Mitofsky International.

This can’t be true, can it? I remember the exit polls showing Kerry way ahead in states he wasn’t supposed to win and ahead by much greater margins that he was supposed to be in states he was supposed to win. This statement has to be erroneous, otherwise why would all of the media, based on these flawed polls, have expected Kerry to win the electoral vote — which they all did? Lies and more lies.