The Warped Values Department

January 19, 2005

ABC News is reporting that a Villanova professor who killed her baby daughter while in postpartum depression is going to be honored by her colleagues and students, who are planning to dedicate a memorial student lounge in her name.

According to the report:

Mine Ener’s colleagues and former students at Villanova University are dedicating a memorial student lounge in her name, an honor critics at the Roman Catholic school call inappropriate for a professor who killed her baby daughter while in the throes of postpartum depression.

Ener, who committed suicide in a Minnesota jail less than a month after killing her baby, taught at the suburban Philadelphia university’s Center for Arab and Islamic Studies. The deaths shocked faculty and students preparing to return for the fall 2003 semester.

Villanova spokeswoman Barbara K. Clement said Ener’s friends simply want to honor her work as a dedicated scholar and enthusiastic mentor, and hope to raise awareness about postpartum depression.

“She loved that baby very, very, very much. It was a disease. We have to focus on the fact that she was a wonderful teacher and researcher,” Clement said.

Objecting students, said that the memorial dedication was inappropriate at a university whose mission statement upholds “the sacredness of each person.”

Can there be any doubt that Leftist agendas supersede other concerns, including the little thing we refer to as morality? No, the woman is purely and simply a victim and her murdered child, just another casualty of the disease. I’m not making light of postpartum depression, but is it okay to completely celebrate this woman as if the murders taint nothing?