Drudge Says Kerry Aide Issues Warning to Sinclair Broadcasting

October 12, 2004

I missed this, but according to Drudge, on Fox News Dayside, Kerry Senior Advisor Chad Clanton said of Sinclair Broadcasting (the company behind the anti-Kerry show set to air next week): “They better hope we don’t win.”

Decent people must call on John Kerry to denounce Clanton if he indeed made those remarks. And Kerry should dismiss him immediately as one who has no business being in a position of power. I am more than confident that if a Bush aide made such an outrageously arrogant and reckless statement he would be fired forthwith. But Kerry governs his operation with much less integrity. I hope to be proven wrong on this. But you must remember that liberals don’t hold their own to any standards of decency. It’s a war to them and all’s fair in war. I doubt that there will be any repercussions from this whatsoever. We’ll see.