A Few Interesting Websites

January 5, 2005

I just received an e-mail from Duke Law School graduate Ashby Camp, who tells me that he was an “irreligious trial lawyer” in 1978 when he became a Christian. (For the paranoid among you, please don’t think I am implying that all trial lawyers are irreligious. If they were the adjective would be redundant.) But Mr. Camp sent along a link to a post on a website to which he contributes, “True Origin,” wherein he examines the “Myth of Evolution.” He also provided this link to a list of other links to articles “supporting Biblical creation.” I realize how utterly backward and ignorant some people think those open to Biblical creationism are. But don’t assume there isn’t intellectual support for it — beyond naked faith.

Also, the Discovery Institute — a group I mentioned recently that is committed to enlightening us about Intelligent Design, Evolution and related matters, has begun a blog, which is well worth checking out.