More Christian Bashing

December 8, 2004

Take a look at this disgusting Reuters article attempting to lump Islam and Christianity together, saying that distortions of the teachings of both religions promote violence against women, even “honor killings.”

The article cites, as proof, an anecdotal gem from an unidentified “Christian woman from the Middle East.” She says, “After we got married, Hell started.” She says she was beaten and raped for questioning her husband’s business practices. (Yes, that’s certainly Biblical alright — give me a break.)

But here’s the kicker quote:

But some experts believe any male-dominated religion, in which God and his prophets or apostles are male figures, creates conditions for the subordination and abuse of women.

Who are these “experts” who disqualify themselves with this asinine opinion alone? The existence of male role models leads to abuse? Does anyone take these clowns seriously? (Hat Tip to my friend Rich Davis)