Get McAuliffe the Hook

December 7, 2004

Just when you thought DNC Chairman Terry McAwfully-nasty couldn’t display worse taste he surprises you again. The Washington Times reports that on Pearl Harbor Day (today) he used the memory of Pearl Harbor to attack Republicans. McOrnery said that national unity 63 years ago enabled Americans to go forward and defeat the country’s enemies, but Republican disunity over the intelligence restructuring bill is undermining our effort in the war today.

I’ll have to give him credit for chutzpah. His party has been sniping at President Bush since shortly after the war began and he wants to lecture us about guys like Jim Sensenbrenner holding up a bill in order to enhance its national security teeth? McAuliffe said:

Moving forward, it is my sincere hope that the Republicans running Washington will stop playing their political games and start fighting for the American people, just as our honored veterans did 63 years ago.

You also have to give the guy credit for a sense of humor. Republicans are playing politics with the war? I suppose we are to assume that something other than politics motivated McAll-wrong to issue his statement. We appreciate his concern but isn’t this the guy who kept calling our president a liar during the entire campaign? Yes, he’s the guy.

Let me take you back to Hannity and Colmes on October 13 — the infamous episode where McAnnoying told Sean, “Don’t touch me.” Remember, now, this is the guy who issued a statement today calling for unity. This is the guy who decries pettiness. Here’s a small segment of the transcript (bold supplied by me):

HANNITY: Why don’t you condemn Dennis Kucinich when he says the President is targeting civilians for assassination. We are at war and your party has politicized the war, and your party has said false things about the President, your party calls the President a liar every day. And I think as a leader you ought to say, if you want to change the tone of Washington it’s going to start with me.

MCAULIFFE: Let’s change George Bush and get this country moving in the right direction. I could care less about the tone today. I care about millions of people lost their jobs.

So here we have “Don’t Touch Me… I Could Care Less About the Tone Today” McAuliffe, whimpering about the tone today? This speaks for itself.