One Thing Michelle Malkin is Not: A Hypocrite

December 3, 2004

Of all the commentators out there who are consistent and practice what they preach, Michelle Malkin is at the top of the list. But the Left is always unnerved by effective conservative pundits and invariably casts them as hypocrites. Some of the unhinged crowd have accused Michelle of hypocrisy for lampooning Teresa Heinz/Teresa Heinz Kerry for using the name of her husband (who served in Nam, by the way) “for politics.”

These liberal geniuses think they’ve caught Michelle in a monumental act of hypocrisy since they discovered — using the overabundance of time they have on their hands — that she copyrights her books under her maiden/legal name, Michelle Maglalang. But as Michelle points out with her customary logic that is utterly inscrutable to the liberal mind, if she were playing politics with her name she would be promoting herself in public under her PC Filipino maiden name.

Michelle explains that she registers the books in her maiden name because she never went to the trouble of filing the bureaucratic paperwork to formally change her name. Makes sense to me, and will to you as well, which is why it won’t to the libs, who’ll keep on congratulating themselves for their pyritic discovery.