This One Didn’t Make the Cut, But Maybe It Should Have

December 3, 2004

My current column is on the Democrats’ undermining of the electoral process through election contests and the dissemination of false allegations concerning GOP black voter suppression and the like.

In the column I discuss John Kerry’s initial decision not to challenge the election, but his recent apparent reversal by attempting to intervene in the Ohio lawsuit by the Green and Libertarian candidates. I have received a surprising number of e-mails from people, many from Washington State, telling me that I should have mentioned Kerry’s improper contribution of a portion ($250,000) of his unspent presidential campaign funds to the Democrat contest of the Washington gubernatorial race. With this post I just want to set the record straight.

I didn’t forget this point and even concluded that it was related to the column. I even included it in the first draft of the column. But as sometimes happens, I’m too long-winded the first time around and have to take a meat axe to it to reduce it to column length.

In this case I really got carried away. The initial draft was around 1100 words. I knew it as I was writing it but wanted to wait to apply the self-editorial axe until the end so I could see what would best fit. I hope I made the right decisions. Based on these e-mails, I’m beginning to think I made the wrong decision with respect to cutting the Kerry $250,000 contribution.

So, for what it’s worth, here’s the missing paragraph that got cut, along with many others:

In the meantime, Kerry is contributing elsewhere to dismantling the integrity of the election process. He has wired $250,000 of his unspent federal campaign funds to Washington State Democrats to help them fund a second recount in their gubernatorial race.