Revealing Specter Quote

November 14, 2004

Though I missed his appearance on Fox News, CNSNews recapitulated his remarks, including this one about Judge Bork:

He articulated the view of original intent and I thought that was not as a part of the so-called judicial continuum.

Specter, as we’ve noted, has also called Judge Bork, an extremist. With this quote on original intent, you can see why. If original intent is not on the “judicial continuum” — not on it anywhere, even to the farthest rightward reaches — it is obviously a fringe judicial philosophy. Now, I ask you, which is more extreme in your mind or in the minds of most GOP voters, for that matter: the judicial philosophy of original intent or the belief that the judicial philosophy of original intent is extremist? While “moderate” Republicans like to think of themselves as “mainstream,” I would argue that Specter’s stated position here qualifies him far more than Judge Bork as an extremist.