Kerry’s Consistent Troop-Trashing Expedience

November 14, 2004

You should read this particularly strong op-ed in the Augusta Free Press by Max Friedman, a journalist whose son, fighting in Iraq, was one of the latest group of victims of John Kerry’s damaging rhetoric. During the campaign I compared Kerry’s denigration of the American military’s effort in Iraq to his defamation of the soldiers and sailors in Vietnam upon returning from the war. This editorial expands on that theme and shows how Kerry was willing to say and do anything to win, including lying and trashing our troops. Even when Kerry’s lies were exposed on the Tora Bora and Al Qaqaa stories, he was undeterred and never apologized for the egg permanently affixed to his face. I don’t offer this in the spirit of ungracious victory, but as a stark reminder of how close this nation came to electing a man who was enormously unfit for command.