Boortz Observations

November 12, 2004

Neal Boortz, as always, has insightful news and analysis in Nealz Nuze, this morning, including comments about Michael Moore’s sequel to “Fahrenheit 9/11” and this blast at CNN and the Old Media in general concerning the Arafat deification:

Right off the bat, it is disgusting to see how CNN and other news outlets are covering Yasser Arafat in powdered sugar and honey before he’s buried in Ramala today. Listening to the coverage you would never know that this man was a dedicated thug, murderer and terrorist. You would never know that he was the principal impediment to the establishment of a Palestinian State in the Middle East. His death is good news for the cause of peace. He can’t be buried quick enough.

Boortz also waves a red flag about a Senate bill to be voted on next week that would fund mandatory mental health screening for almost 60 million children. Boortz warns how dangerous if is for the government to be in charge of this and what it could lead to (hint: more drugs for children).