Uh Oh — Nuclear Power Industry Rumblings

November 9, 2004

Where are the environmentalists? You know they’re just going to go bonkers when they learn of this morning’s Wall Street Journal story reporting that the “Nuclear-Power Industry Sees Signs of a U.S. Revival.” From the article:

The nuclear-power industry is laying the groundwork to build new plants in the U.S. for the first time in more than two decades.

Buoyed by the re-election of President Bush, whose administration has pushed to expand nuclear power as part of its national energy plan, the industry sees a window of two to three years in which the political environment could make it easier to win approval for new projects.

I don’t know about you, but those sound like fighting words to me — a virtual dare to the environmental wacko branch of the Pantheistic High Church. You know they simply cannot allow this kind of promised progress to stand. If that happens, we’ll then see how committed the party of John Kerry is to the United States energy independence. As John Rowe, Exelon’s chairman and chief executive, told a group of managers at a climate policy meeting this summer (according to the article), “I cannot see any energy future … without an expanded nuclear base.”

Where’s Jane Fonda and the rest of “The China Syndrome Crew? If libs pick up on this story, it will just be further confirmation for them that President Bush intends to ruin their lives.