Liberal Post-Election Mania

November 7, 2004

I have been observing with incredulity — even though this was entirely predictable — the liberal reaction to the election results. The various reactions range from: Kerry wasn’t the proper candidate to make the case to: it would have been impossible for Kerry (or anyone else) to make the case because “Red America” is just too stupid, to: it isn’t our country anymore, to: you people just barely won so you should quit acting like you did at least in terms of asserting any of your elected authority. And boy are these people cynical about “religion” and the “religious right.”

I want to share a few articles with you that many of you are bound to have seen and/or read. It will be a very short list for now, which I’ll supplement a little later. I’ll comment on some of these later today or tonight, as well as some of the outrageous statements that are guaranteed to have proceeded from liberals’ mouths this mornings on the talk shows. I have them all TiVo’d (recorded) and will watch later. I’ve already heard about the meltdown of Margaret Carlson, Al Hunt, and Mark Shields on Capital Gang.

I knew right away that the vanquished libs, who immediately demanded overtures of good will and efforts of healing from President Bush, would extend just the opposite in return, just as they did the past four years. These amazing creatures, lambasting President Bush for not being a uniter, all the while dedicating themselves to the prevention of any unity. The four years war that they initiated in 2000 has now been extended to the eight years war. These people get more delusional by the day. The thought that conservatives are now entitled to press forward on their agenda would just never occur to these paragons of arrogance, who still believe — despite their rejection of objective truth — that their positions are objectively true and that the remaining majority of us should just leave the country. You see, they are no longer threatening to leave themselves. They want us to leave or secede.

While I”m being a bit facetious here, we should not underestimate the Left’s bitter agitation nor the acrimony they are bound to engender over the next four years. It’s not going to be pretty.

For now, if you have time and haven’t already done so, check out these columns/op-eds:

Richard Cohen: “The Once and Future Hope.”

Margaret Carlson: “A Grim Study in Red and Blue.”

Maureen Dowd, “The Red Zone.” I realize Maureen has a new one out today assassinating Karl Rove’s character, but the one right after the election is more germane to my point.

Thomas Friedman, “Two Nations Under God.”

Nicholas D. Kristof, “Time to Get Religion.”

Paul Krugman, “No Surrender.”

Bob Herbert, “O.K., Folks: Back to Work.”

E.J. Dionne, “... He Didn’t Get.”

Michael Kinsley, “Am I Blue?”

Dante Chinni, “Is the Red Post-election Tinge a Mandate? Don’t Bet On It.”

William Saletan: “Simple, But Effective, Why You Keep Losing to This Idiot.”

Jane Smiley, “Why Americans Hate Democrats — A Dialogue.”

There are so many more. This is just a start. I’ll have some comments on some of the themes in these pieces a little later this afternoon or tonight.