Label of the Day Goes to

November 2, 2004 has a constantly updated “Election Day Blog” today, which will be a must read, based on their consistently excellent work. Among many other things, they have an interesting observation about Tom Daschle’s silly stunt in filing an election eve lawsuit. Here’s how CrushKerry puts it:

This Senate Campaign Will Self Destruct in 10..9…8.. Tom Daschle must be “deeply saddened” by his internal polls. Why else would he pull such a stupid stunt on election eve, by suing to keep poll watchers away from Indian reservations? Thankfully, the suit was laughed out of court. Perhaps part of the reason is because it’s widely believed that Tim Johnson won in 2002 because the Indians cheated in one particular area. Hope they got more from Johnson that they got for Manhattan. That loss may be a blessing in disguise if Thune wins. It would be so much sweeter to get that prissy little geek out of Washington. (Hat Tip: Daschle v. Thune)(10:00 AM)

Forget about the wisdom and insight in this little CrushKerry post. What deserves even more attention is their moniker for the-always-deeply-saddened-Tom Daschle: that prissy little geek. That says it all, doesn’t it? I’m deeply gratified by the nickname, deeply gratified.