Obama’s Brick Wall: The American People

August 20, 2009

President Barack Obama has run into a brick wall: the American people, who cherish their liberty and revere their nation and do not want it remade in Obama’s socialist image.

Obama’s free-falling poll numbers are not the result of a misinformation campaign from a small sliver of unruly conservative opponents, as the administration wants you to believe. They are a reflection of the public’s reaction to Obama’s policies and his own comprehensive misinformation campaign to dupe the people into believing America is unsalvageable without fundamental change.

When Obama promised to bring fundamental change to America, most Americans, fortunately for him, did not take him literally. He offered them “hope” at a time when the economy was going south; political partisanship had reached new levels of acrimony, and people were weary of a protracted, albeit successful, war in Iraq. But most voters had no idea just how much change Obama had in mind.

But Obama was dead serious. If it wasn’t obvious to trusting people then, it is abundantly so now. He doesn’t share the majority’s vision of America as the most wonderful experiment in constitutional governance in history. He sees it as a land of plenty, all right — plenteous inequities, with maldistribution of resources, oppression and imperialism.

Surely people can now see that it is no accident that he sat at the feet of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright for 20 years, that his mother was a leftist activist and cultural Marxist, that his main early mentor was radical Frank Marshall Davis, that he was a member of the far-left New Party in Chicago, that his main vocation in life has been street organizing and agitation and that he didn’t think the revolutionarily, transformative Warren court was liberal enough.

Since assuming office, Obama has been on a mission to fundamentally alter the social compact between the government and a once powerfully sovereign people.

The litany of his shocks to the system is too voluminous to detail in full, but just consider his calculated takeover of GM, his fraudulently marketed trillion-dollar spending schemes, his cap-and-trade boondoggle, his unilateral declaration of an end to the war on terror, his policy to Mirandize terrorists on the battlefield, his cavorting with terrorist dictators, his soft betrayal of Israel, his ceaseless foreign-soil apologies for America, and his crusade to subsume the health care industry.

These are not tweaks to a glorious constitutional republic, but a frantic effort to undo this republic brick by brick. And the American people have finally gotten wise to what’s going on and are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore.

But probably not used to running into much adversity in his adult life, Obama’s doubtlessly been thrown for a major psychological loop as he’s run into the fierce grass-roots resistance to his radical agenda.

Based on what we can glean from his background, we have to assume he remains in that policy cocoon in which he has been surrounded mostly by radicals who see America through different lenses than most Americans do. He truly believes that America has to change in dramatic ways and that he is the only guy who can make it happen, i.e., “The One.”

What, then, is a conflicted messiah to do when he’s caught in an inner struggle between his narcissism and his uncompromising ideology and must choose either his desire for personal popularity or his driving compulsion to change this nation into a full-blown socialist state?

Given the enormity of his ego, I’m betting he still thinks he can thread the needle by delivering a command-control economy to a people too ignorant to realize it’s not in their best interests and still retain their adulation. He must, because government-run health care is his proverbial hill to die on.

So in the coming days, look for an acceleration of his propaganda campaign to deceive Americans into believing his socialized health plan actually would increase free market choices, that its inevitable rationing and reduced quality of care would actually be increased access for everyone, that the government really wouldn’t control the doctor-patient relationship when blueprints for such controls are already in and integral to the proposed legislation, that the plan would provide free health care for everyone at less cost, and that end-of-life counseling instituted by the government under the plan would be purely driven by empathy and compassion rather than a stark, chilling effort to persuade seniors to do their part to unburden the system.

The faux messiah faces the test of his life. Saul Alinsky, the godfather of street organizing, will be watching from the grave to see whether his best student can finally consummate the Marxists’ generations-long boast of conquering this nation without having to fire a shot.